From Cottonwood Drive Entrance:

1. Left on Imnaha Rd.

2. Left on West Cascade Dr.

3. Right on West Cascade at Circle 11 and Beaver Dr. 

4. Left on Fort Rock Rd. at Fort Rock Park

5. Right on Pine Ridge Ln. 

6. Right on 1st Pine Ridge Ln. Culdesac

7. Left on 1st driveway at 10 Pine Ridge Ln.

Form Sunriver Exit:

1. Right on Abbot Dr.

2. Right on Circle 1 and continue on Abbot Dr.

3. Right on Circle 4 onto East Cascade Dr.

4. Right on Fort Rock Rd. (1st entrance)

5. Left on Pine Ridge Lan (1st Entrance)

6. Left at 3rd driveway / culdesac

7 Left at 1st driveway at 10 Pine Ridge Ln.